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Make Money Selling a Product That Sells Itself. Earn A 50% Commission Per Sale!


Who pays me and how do I get paid?

“Oil Painting Master Series” is a ClickBank product. ClickBank is the largest online distributor of electronic products. ClickBank takes care of all of the sales, processing, and payments to affiliates.

ClickBank has never missed a payment to affiliates. You will receive your hard earned commissions on time.

ClickBank pays bi-monthly.  Direct Deposits are also available.

Acceptable means of promotion include advertising on your website or blog, PPC advertising, FaceBook, Twitter, and direct email. But absolutely NO SPAMMING!

So how much can you earn?

How much you earn is directly related to how much you sell.  If you make one sell, you make $13.36.  But, if you make just 5 sells a day, that’s $66.80 a day.  Which is $2,004 a month, or $24,048 a year.  All for a quality product that sells itself!

Where do I start?

You must be a member of ClickBank to sell this product.  Signing up is easy and free!  It only takes a minute to set up.  Sign up by clicking here.


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